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You still don't know who I am, do you?
– Amelie to Sam
Amelie is the President of United Cities of America, she have some relation to Sam, whom he has no immediate recollection of. She's daughter of Samantha "America" Strand.

Story Edit

Amelie initiated the project to reconnect all cities to the Chiral Network from east to the west, but was unable to see it through.

At some point, Amelie is captured in Edge Knot City by Higgs, who appropriates her golden necklace. Her body was trapped on the beach but she can connect to Chiral Network in order to maintain communications with the Bridges Company.

Die-hardman and Amelie want Sam to continue her path to the west and finally connect all cities to the Chiral Network.

Notes Edit

  • Amelie first appeared in the E3 2018 trailer, where she is briefly seen in the same setting of the E3 2016 trailer.
  • The necklace that Amelie is wearing resembles an ancient method of communication and recording known as Quipi used by a number of ancient civilizations of the Andes, but also Chinese and native Hawaiians.

Gallery Edit

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