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The Anti-BT Handgun is a non-lethal anti-BT weapon used by Sam. Designed specifically for BTs, this handgun fires "transfusion rounds" charged with Sam's blood to affect BTs. Each shot can be charged up with more blood to increase damage. As with other hematic weapons, if no blood bags are equipped, the weapon will draw blood from Sam's body in order to be used.

In-Game Description Edit

Lv. 1Edit

Model: MA-BIS mod-1

An anti-BT hematic weapon. The user's blood is transfused via the cuff links, condensed into bullet-like rounds, and then fired using an electromagnetic guidance system. The length of time for which blood is transfused into the rounds dictates their power.

Lv. 2Edit

Model: MA-BIS mod-2

An improved anti-BT weapon. A large-scale transfusion device and tank have been added, allowing for high-density transfusion rounds to be fired. Ammo capacity has also been increased, and an optical sight has been fitted, making aiming easier.

Notes Edit

  • The Lv. 1 weapon holds 8 rounds with another 8 in reserve. The Lv. 2 weapon also holds 8 rounds, with 16 in reserve. As with other weapons, Sam's ammo stores can be replenished by resting in a Safe House.
  • The schematic for it is received from Sam's initial visit with the Chiral Artist's Mother. The Lv. 2 schematic can be acquired by raising her connection level to Rank 3.
  • As with other hematic weapons, the Anti-BT Handgun has no effect on living targets.

Gallery Edit

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