"BB's Theme" is a song composed by Ludvig Forssell and performed by Jenny Plant, and the eighteenth track on the original score for Death Stranding.

The lyrics are from the perspective of someone close to a bridge baby, describing their love for and desire to protect and comfort the infant.

In-game[edit | edit source]

"BB's Theme" is the song Cliff Unger would sing to his infant son, Sam. Just before he was fatally shot by Bridges security personnel, Cliff sung the first eight lines of the song to Sam. As a restless soldier of the dead, when Cliff is defeated by his adult son for the third time on a war-torn Beach, he whistles several notes of the song to Lou, to which Sam briefly whistles along with him. When Cliff meets an adult Sam in a memory while sane in mind, the song plays as Cliff acknowledges Sam as his "bridge to the future" before abruptly ending as Cliff is shot dead.

Sam uses the tune of the song to entertain Lou while on his westward expedition. He may whistle the song while resting or while walking. After he is given a harmonica by the Musician, Sam may instead play the song on the instrument to Lou while resting.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

See the sun set,
The day is ending
Let that yawn out,
There's no pretending

I will hold you,
And protect you
So, let love warm you
'til the morning

I'll stay, with you
By your side
Close your tired eyes
I'll wait, and soon
I'll see your smile
In our dream

And I, won't wake before you go
And I, still hear your heart beat

Feel the wind rise,
A dawn we're bound to
Watch that star die,
Eons without you

I'll stay, with you
In your mind
Every single day
I'll wait, and soon,
We're stranded on the beach
In our dream

We part, too soon
But in our lies
There's a truth to find
The end, is new
A tomorrow we must reach for
To be heard

See the sun set
The day is ending
Let your heart sigh
See the sun set
See the sun set

Though I, can't stay with you
Oh I, won't stray away from the truth
I, remember your warmth (I still remember)
And I'm, still learning to love anew
And I, woho-oh-oooh

See the sun set
The day is ending

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Ludvig Forssell released the official lyrics for "BB's Theme" on December 6, 2019 via Twitter.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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