Beached things, also known simply as BTs, are otherworldly entities that have somehow "stranded" themselves on Earth following the Death Stranding. They are antagonistic towards the living and seek to devour them.

Though Sam in particular is able to return from a voidout if eaten by BTs, a crater will still be left behind at the site of his demise.[1]

Types Edit

Gazer Edit

Gazers in timefall

Gazers floating about in a shower of timefall

Gazers are floating BTs which manifest with the onset of timefall. They sense by sound and movement, and thus, are unable to sense Sam while he is immobile and holding his breath. If Sam moves, gazers will disappear and only become visible again once he stops moving. They cannot be killed, but only temporarily immobilized with anti-BT weapons, such as a bola gun using strands infused with Sam's blood.

Hunter Edit

Hunters dragging down Sam

Hunters dragging down Sam

Hunters are the BTs sent after Sam once he has alerted gazers. They appear as as black liquid handprints when seeking out prey on their own. Should they be sent to grab Sam by alerted gazers, they will attempt to drag him down into a black liquid, the success of which is partly determined by the amount of cargo Sam is carrying at a given time. Should they succeed, they will drag Sam away to a catcher-type BT.

Catcher Edit

Catchers are large BTs that appear when Sam is dragged away by hunters. Since they consist of anti-material, if Sam is caught by one of them, a voidout will be triggered, wiping the immediate surrounding area off the map. If a catcher is defeated, their body will shatter into many chiral crystals. There are several types of hunters, including:

  • An unnamed quadruped catcher will pounce around the area of conflict in an attempt to eat Sam. Higgs has demonstrated the ability to manifest this type of catcher. Hideo Kojima refers to this type of catcher as 雑魚 (zako, literally "small fish"), and has noted that it is the weakest of catcher-type BTs.
  • An unnamed multi-limb catcher is fought by Sam after he is dragged away by hunters in the Japanese Death Stranding release date trailer.
  • An unnamed colossal catcher manifests and devours and Corpse Disposal Team 6 member in the TGA 2017 teaser trailer.

Notes Edit

  • Fragile can see BTs with higher clarity than Sam. Amelie can perceive BTs to an extent that allows her to circumnavigate BT-occupied areas entirely.
  • The sudden influx of BTs at a given moment has been described as the increase of "chiralium density".[1]

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