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Blood bags are items that can be utilized by Sam to passively restore his blood level, as well as transfuse into weapons that utilize blood such as Hematic Grenades.

Standard blood bags hold 500mL of blood; the Doctor gifts double capacity blood bags upon completing Standard Orders.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Blood bag.jpg

Blood bags are filled with Sam's blood. Equipping it will restore Sam's blood levels over time by means of continuous transfusion via the cuff links (think of it as passive regeneration). If Sam is carrying multiple blood bags, a new bag will automatically be switched in as soon as the current one is emptied. If Sam is using a blood-draining weapon, blood will be drained from blood bags before it is drained from Sam's body.  Blood bags can be stored in utility pouches. Also, storing any Blood Bags in the Utility Pouch protects it from Timefall damage. A Blood Bag weighs only 1.0 kg.

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