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A Bridge baby

A Bridge baby, also known simply as a BB, is a baby that has been taken from a stillmother to be used by Bridges operatives. A stillmother's womb facilitates a connection between the world of the dead and a Bridge baby, granting Bridges operatives who establish a trance connection with a Bridge baby the ability to sense BTs. Most babies are retired after a year of service.

Bridge babies are kept in portable pods which simulate the conditions of a stillmother's womb, as they will cease to function properly if they feel they are not in such a womb. Periodically, the environmental conditions of a Bridge baby's pod must be updated in a synchronization incubator with data gathered from a stillmother's womb at a given moment.

Notes Edit

In-universe Edit

  • Higgs carries a portable tank with a fetus-shaped figure inside. Rather than emitting an orange-yellow glow when activated, as the Bridge baby's tank does, his portable tank emits a red one. The bottom casing of his tank is also green, rather than orange like the Bridge baby's.[1]

Out-of-universe Edit

  • Hideo Kojima has stated that only one individual baby had been shown up until the TGS 2018 teaser trailer, and that it relates to the game's mechanics and story as a whole.[2]

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