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A bridge baby pod is a portable pod which simulates the conditions inside a stillmother's womb for a bridge baby, as a bridge baby needs to believe they are in one at all times to function properly.

Connected to the Odradek with a pipe, it allows the user to be able to detect Beached Things, or at least their "silhouette", using the scan function notably.

Through, the pod locks itself to show red "CAUTION" signs when the BB is stressed to the point of Autotoxemia, rendering it useless until the BB is calmed down thanks to a Synchronization Incubator.

A decree absolutely forbid anyone to ever free a BB from the pod, and the simple extraction according to Deadman can lead in 75% of cases to irremediable injury of the Baby.

Synchronization incubator Edit

Synchronization incubator

Lou in a sychronization incubator

When the environmental data of a pod becomes outdated, it will need to be taken to a synchronization incubator to be updated. When in an incubator, a pod will synchronize across the Chiral Network with a stillmother in Capital Knot City ICU, and reconfigure its settings based on the latest data. A pod update also reset a bridge baby's stress levels, making it able again to function, and get out from a autotoxemia state.

Trivia Edit

  • Sam is the first Bridge Baby for being freed of the pod, thanks to his father Cliff who opened the pod during his attempt.
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