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Alone, we have no future.
– Bridget
Bridget was a previous President of the United Cities. She is to be succeeded by her daughter, Amelie.

Story Edit

It was Bridget's vision for America to be made whole again, and thus, she was a primary catalyst for the UCA's plan to reconnect all cities under the Chiral Network.

Bridget pleads with Sam

A bedridden Bridget tried in vain to convince Sam to join her cause

At some point, Bridget began suffering from an unknown malady (possibly cancer), rendering her bedridden in the Oval Office. She attempted to convince Sam to join in her mission to reconnect America, but was unable to sway him to her cause. She eventually succumbed to her affliction, and is to be succeeded as President of the United Cities by her daughter, Amelie.

Notes Edit

  • Bridget was first introduced in the release date reveal trailer. She was, however, featured indirectly in the E3 2018 trailer via a photograph Sam carries of himself, Bridget, and an unidentified pregnant woman in the Oval Office.

Gallery Edit

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