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Capital Knot City is the capital city of the United Cities of America, located on the east coast.

In an intensive care unit within the city, stillmothers are kept alive in a persistent vegetative state, for the purpose of periodically using data gathered from their wombs to update the environmental data of bridge baby pods.

Capital Knot City, though possessing the name "capital", was not always the seat of the UCA. Classified as K-2 (Knot City II), Captial Knot was constructed after, and initially subordinate to, its much larger sister city of Central Knot (K-1). In the years prior to the Bridges Expeditions, the Chiral Network was perfected between these twin cities and the remnants of the federal government made plans for American Reconstruction. With the growing uprising against the UCA by the Homo Demens, some in the government were concerned about keeping all their eggs in one basket, prompting many national command and control functions to be secrectly moved from Central to nearby Capital Knot City, including the President herself. This foresight would ultimately save the UCA itself after the catastropic loss of Central a short time later to an engineered voidout attack.

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  • The current population of Capital Knot City is 42,187.
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