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Sam crossing a crevasse

Sam crossing a crevasse while carrying a heavy load of cargo

As a Bridges deliveryman, Sam traverses the world of Death Stranding while transporting a manner of cargo, sometimes including even individuals. Carried cargo is wrapped in damage sensor tape; the color of the tape changes according to the integrity level of wrapped cargo. The amount of cargo Sam can carry varies, ranging from a single back load to two handfuls, two shoulder loads and a stacked back load. Sam has several tools at his disposal to overcome environmental obstacles in the world, including climbing anchor and portable ladder.

Cargo Types Edit

There are generally 3 types of cargo that Sam will need to carry during the game. The first type is Mission Cargo (Story Cargo) which Sam needs to deliver in order to progress through episodes. The second type is Order Cargo which does not progress the game but provides Sam with Likes and other aides to help Sam along. Order Cargo also establishes and strengthens connections that expands the chiral network and provides materials to fabricate items. The third type is Item Cargo that helps Sam traverse the country. Item Cargo includes materials, tools, equipment, weapons, etc. that become available as Sam progresses.

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