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The Central Region is one of the three regions into which continental America is divided after the events of the Death Stranding.


As the largest of the three regions, it is the only one to have more biomes than the other two smaller, divided by a snow-capped mountain range. The Northeast area borders with Ground Zero Lake, which connects the Eastern region by ship, and this is where Lake Knot City is located. Continuing south the region is purely desert and arid with some flat grassy patches, up to a volcanic area, infested by BTs, which ends with a voidout crater filled up with tar, that some speculating it might even be a conduit to the other side or the Beach, near the ruins of South Knot City.

In the northern part of the region, a huge crater is located where Middle Knot City once was. Continuing northwest, a forest hides one of the Homo Demens camps, very active in the region, which leads to a large flat but mainly grassy area. From mid-north west to south is a huge mountain chain covered with snow, an area chosen by some scientists to carry out their research on the Death Stranding. The southwestern part is flat and leads to a broad sea of ​​tar that separates the region with Edge Knot City. The central region has the characteristic of having, in specific points, thermal springs with beneficial properties and a large number of preppers.

Given the size of the region, Bridges began construction of a highway to facilitate travel, which was later completed by Sam Porter Bridges during his expedition. Fragile's father, before his death, started building a racetrack just south of the Timefall Farm, a track only later completed by Sam.


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Memory chips[]

  • Memory chip 3. Frame Arms: Kagetora
  • Memory chip 4. Frame Arms: Genbu
  • Memory chip 5. Frame Arms: Mingwu
  • Memory chip 9. Max Factory Ludens figma
  • Memory chip 11. Christine
  • Memory chip 14. Stand by Me
  • Memory chip 16. Fright Night
  • Memory chip 17. Matango
  • Memory chip 19. The Bridge on the River Kwai
  • Memory chip 21. Eggshell carving
  • Memory chip 22. Glasscraft
  • Memory chip 23. Coffee cup
  • Memory chip 24. Soap bubble
  • Memory chip 28. Pottery
  • Memory chip 31. Reverse trike: "Ride" type
  • Memory chip 32. Honda NSR250R
  • Memory chip 33. Honda Rebel 500
  • Memory chip 34. Triumph Bonneville Bobber
  • Memory chip 35. Triumph Street Triple RS
  • Memory chip 36. Yamaha MT-09
  • Memory chip 44. Thelma Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
  • Memory chip 46. Low Roar/Low Roar
  • Memory chip 47. 0/Low Roar
  • Memory chip 48. Once in a Long, Long While.../Low Roar
  • Memory chip 51. Valhalla Rising: Original Soundtrack by Peter Peter & Peter Kyed
  • Memory chip 54. An unknown man's journal: part 1
  • Memory chip 55. An unknown man's journal: part 2
  • Memory chip 56. An unknown man's journal: part 3


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