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Chiral Network coverage

The Chiral Network is a Bridges communication network providing coverage of established strands across the continental United Cities. It is accessed by Bridges operatives with a series of equations, such as those engraved on the tags of a Q-pid.

The Chiral Network allows for instantaneous data transfer throughout its nodes, seemingly due to its time alteration properties. Connected nodes are capable of running chiralgrams, syncing holograms of participating people into a single perceived space thus improving face to face communication. All stored data is instantaneously shareable throughout the network, further linking cities together.

In regard to how it is perceived by some to be a symbiotic surveillance system, the Chiral Network is noted by Die-Hardman to be something of a spiritual successor to the Internet.[1] As the post office transformed the United States from independent states into a nation, so can the Chiral Network rebuild individual cities into a United Nation.

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