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Chiralium is a crystallization of Chiral Matter from the Beach. Chiralium is present through the atmosphere of the planet as a result of the Death Stranding and is responsible for the meteorological event known as Timefall. The name is a reference to 'chirality', where an object and its mirror image cannot be superimposed over one another. The word chirality is derived from the Greek χειρ, "hand," a familiar chiral object. In this sense, chiralium and normal matter are chiral images of one another.

Similarly, Chiral crystals resemble grasping hands and appear to the naked eye to have a golden luster.

Properties[edit | edit source]

Chiralium originates from the Beach, and like its point of origin does not experience the flow of time. Chiralium has been likened to dark matter, in that it has likely been present in the universe since the Big Bang, and merely invisible and unable to interact with the living world until the Death Stranding.

Chiralium has a tendency to float in the air, a property exploited to create hovering platforms. Chiralium is now used in a large array of high-tech devices exploiting the properties of the Beach, such as chiral printers.

Chiralium exposure is dangerous for humans, manifesting as severe mental-health problems such as depression, suicidal thoughts, and apocalyptic nightmares; in extreme cases, chiralium exposure can be lethal. Chiralium exposure can cause permanent hormonal imbalances in the human brain, often resulting in irrational obsessions such as the MULEs' kleptomaniac natures, and the violent proclivities of Homo demens.

Chiralium is produced from heavy precipitation, which makes it common in rainy areas and places of high BT concentration. The defeat of a Capture BT causes it to solidify into a mass of chiralium and shatter, leaving behind a large number of freshly grown chiralium crystals.

BT presence is associated with an increased chiral density, which often accompanies timefall. Connecting a region to the Chiral Network also increases local chiral density.

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