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The CDT-variation of the MC 2000

The raised suspension

The Cicada MC 2000 is a vehicle model manufactured by Cicada.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Cicada MC 2000 is a cargo truck based off of the Cicada PHI model designed specifically for divisions of Bridges, including the Corpse Disposal and Special Delivery teams. The Corpse Disposal and Special Delivery variants have a bulky yellow and navy blue frame, respectively, a driver and passenger seat, and a cargo bed meant to hold corpses and deliveries. The suspensions of the vehicle are able to be raised and lowered.

The Cicada MC 2000 has white lights on the back end that indicate how much it is currently carrying. Exact capacity is unknown at this time, but these lights help determine when it is getting full.

A truck will not be overturned by aggressive driving or rough terrain. A truck can cross some deep/red water safely.

While the enclosed bed protects cargo from Timefall, unlike the Cicada PHI trucks used by the MULEs, putting an MC 2000 under a Timefall shelter does not repair cargo, nor can you use Container Repair Spray manually to repair cargo in the bed.

Fabrication[edit | edit source]

Fabrication of the Cicada MC 2000 is unlocked at the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City.

  • Truck
    • 320 Metals
    • 224 Ceramics
  • Truck Long Range Lv. 1
    • 280 Metals
    • 256 Ceramics
    • 48 Special Alloys
  • Truck Long Range Lv. 2
    • 360 Metals
    • 320 Ceramics
    • 144 Special Alloys
  • Truck Long Range Lv. 3
    • 440 Metals
    • 384 Ceramics
    • 240 Special Alloys
  • Truck Defensive - damage is absorbed by battery first, instead of durability
    • 240 Metals
    • 224 Ceramics
    • 96 Special Alloys

When damaged during travel or deteriorated by the Timefall, the Cicada MC 2000 can be stored in a garage for repairs.

Color scheme[edit | edit source]

The color scheme of the Cicada MC 2000 can be changed at any time on the garage. The available color schemes are the following:

  • Blood red
  • Bridges Orange
  • Bright Yellow
  • Chiral Gold
  • Cool Blue
  • Coyote Brown
  • Desert Pink
  • Emergency Yellow
  • Express Purple
  • Ghost Green
  • Grass Green
  • Lightning Blue
  • Mars Red
  • Navy Blue
  • Olive Drab
  • Omnireflector (Silver)
  • Prismatic Purple
  • Rose Pink
  • Sandy Tan
  • Signal Green
  • Snow White
  • Stealth Black
  • Volcano Orange
  • Wolf Gray

Capacity[edit | edit source]

Rear end of Cicada MC 2000 with the truck bed at full capacity indicated by 14 red lights.

Cargo carrying capacity is indicated by fourteen (14) lights on the back of the truck. When empty, no lights will be lit up. When full, all lights will be lit up in red. Total carrying capacity also takes into account any weight attached to Sam's back or body.

All MC2000 models have a max confirmed volume of 28 XL containers (see conversion). The highest confirmed weight so far for all models is 3,360 kg with 28 full XL cases of special alloys weighing 120 kg each. It's not known if there is a maximum weight.

The in-game description for the defensive model states, "Six electromagnetic shield units have been added. This reduces the truck's cargo capacity, but provides a powerful protective field." Despite this, testing has shown that the defensive model can carry the same volume as the other models and at least 3,360 kg. It is not known if the weight cap is lower on the defensive model.

The truck has an alleged maximum capacity of 14 body bags, equating 980 kg of weight. Sam can also get in the driver's seat with an additional body bag on his back totaling 15. Body bag capacity on the defensive model has not been tested.

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