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The Cicada PHI

The Cicada PHI is a vehicle model manufactured by Cicada.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Cicada PHI is a cargo truck model manufactured by Cicada. It's commonly used by Bridges forces, MULEs and Terrorists for transport of cargo and people over rough terrain. The PHI bears a lifted frame for better traversal over land and can be outfitted with armor plating, and tires manufactured by StrandWolf.

The Cicada MC 2000 is a variant of the PHI, based off of its design and structure, designed specifically for the Bridges Corpse Disposal and Special Delivery divisions.

Enemy usage[edit | edit source]

Both MULEs and Terrorists use a custom armored variant of the Cicada PHI, that cannot be fabricated by the player. Sam can drive these vehicles, however.

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