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Corpse Disposal Team 6 was a Bridges field operation team, tasked with the disposal of a suicide victim from Central Knot City.


Upon returning to Central Knot City for a delivery, Sam is commissioned by Bridges on a "Priority One" task. Soon afterward, Sam is picked up by the Corpse Disposal Team 6, consisting of only Igor Frank and a driver. Igor informs Sam of the situation and implores his help; the team has need of Sam's DOOMS abilities, and determine that the corpse will soon begin necrosis. Sam departs with the team, but their vehicle stalls and they are attacked by BTs along the dangerous route, their vehicle crashing and the driver becoming pinned underneath. Surrounded and caught by BTs, Igor is forced to mercy kill the driver before being caught by BTs and unsuccessfully attempting suicide. Igor was then devoured by a colossal BT, triggering a voidout that eliminated Central Knot City in its entirety and left Sam as the sole survivor.


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  • These events were first shown in the 2017 TGA trailer, noted by Kojima to be 'at an early point in the game'.