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They're not shackles, Sam. They're a symbol of our bonds.

Sam having activated his cuff links' holographic display

Cuff links are a wearable computer in the form of handcuffs worn by members of Bridges.

They act as a health monitor for wearers, as the color of the light they emit changes based on a wearer's status. When a wearer is stable, in danger, and in critical condition, cuff links will in response glow blue, yellow, and red, respectively.

Cord cutters[edit | edit source]

Sam brandishing cord cutters

During Sam's westward expedition, Mama gives Sam cuff links fitted with cord cutters. If he is able to sneak close enough, he can use the cord cutters to sever the umbilical cords of BTs, thus cutting their connection to the world of the living and driving them back to the other side.

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