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A customization feature is a semi-permanent attachment that can be added to Sam's backpack in a private room.

Unlike most of Sam's other equipment, these features cannot be equipped and unequipped in the field.

this feature can be unlocked after completing the Junk Dealers mission

Sam's Backpack[edit | edit source]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Grenade Pouch - holds 1 case of grenades
    • Resins: 30, Metals: 20
  • Large Grenade Pouch - holds 3 cases of grenades
    • Resins: 100, Metals: 30
  • Utility Pouch - holds 4 blood bags
    • Resins: 30, Metals: 20
  • Spare Ammo Container
    • Resins: 220, Metals: 220
  • Extra Battery (Lv.1)
    • Metals: 120, Ceramics: 64
  • Extra Battery (Lv.2)
    • Metals: 160, Ceramics: 96
  • Extra Battery (Lv.3)
    • Metals: 200, Ceramics: 160
  • Stabilizer
    • Chemicals: 120, Metals: 140
  • Backpack cover (Lv.1)
    • Chiral Crystals: 210, Resins: 160
  • Backpack cover (Lv.2)
    • Chiral Crystals: 320, Resins: 160

Accessories[edit | edit source]

Accessories can be acquired by raising one's Connection Rank with Preppers and Bridges facilities, and can be equipped to Sam's pack or swapped with another in a Safe House.

Name Image Description Unlocked Notes
Windmill CharmsWindmill.png A little windmill. BBs are particularly fond of this accessory. It seems to help improve their mood and help prevent them from becoming stressed. Unlocked by reaching Connection Rank 1 with the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City. Mama uses one of this on larger scale to comfort her BT daughter
Weather Talisman CharmsWeather.png A charm imbued with prayers for safe weather. Said to help keep timefall at bay. Unlocked by reaching Connection Rank 4 with the Weather Station. This accessory resembles a "teru teru bōzu", a traditional and popular handmade doll created in Japan to ward off rain and bring fine weather.
Love Knot CharmsLove.png An accessory decorated with two stars joined together. It is said to strengthen and deepen the connection between porters, and wearing it on your backpack may well increase the number of Likes you receive from others. Unlocked by reaching Connection Rank 1 with the Spiritualist.
One Dollar Coin CharmsCoin.png An accessory decorated with a dollar coin. Dating from before the Death Stranding, it was a charm said to bring its wearer wealth. It's hard to say whether the two things are related, but it also has the effect of increasing your chances of finding chiral crystals. Unlocked by delivering any lost cargo to the Spiritualist.
Bell CharmsBell.png A bell-shaped accessory. It was apparently used to ward off evil in the pre-Stranding period. Nowadays, it is rumored to have some kind of effect against BTs... Unlocked by reaching Connection Rank 1 with the Novelist's Son.
Cryptobiote CharmsCrypto.png An accessory decorated with a cryptobiote. Wear one of these, and cryptobiotes will be less likely to flee, perhaps due to seeing you as a friendly presence. Unlocked by reaching Connection Rank 4 with Heartman's Lab.
Monster Energy Drink CharmsMonster.png An accessory which boosts the wearer's energy levels, granting increased Stamina. Unlocked by reaching Connection Rank 3 with the First Prepper.
Porter CharmsPorter.png Said to symbolize the bonds that bind all porters. Curiously, looking at the map while wearing it is said to give one an inkling of where other porters might be. Unlocked by reaching Connection Rank 3 with the Veteran Porter.
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