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DOOMS is a condition granting individuals a greater connection to the other side. Those with DOOMS are called "sufferers" of the condition.


DOOMS was spread throughout humanity by Amelie in an attempt to understand the chronic visions of extinction she has as an extinction entity. Not knowing which to trust, she shared them with those who would become DOOMS sufferers. From that point onward, Amelie's dreams of extinction became the nightmares commonly associated with DOOMS.


The primary physical manifestation of DOOMS is a chiral allergy, a sudden onset of tears involuntarily releasing from the eyes in the presence of high levels of chiralium and entities from the other side. DOOMS sufferers are more connected with and aware of the nature of the Beach, and the greater the level of their condition the more powerful this connection makes them.

DOOMS has severe drawbacks, however. All DOOMS sufferers experience extremely distressing nightmares of a singularly apocalyptic theme, which can cause or exacerbate mental illness. While sufferers are more resistant to chiralium exposure than normal humans, they are not immune, and higher levels of DOOMS may precipitate the erratic, suicidal, or homicidal tendencies of the Homo Demens.

One factor of DOOMS is that a male sufferer can pass the condition down to a fetus they conceive. At around the beginning of the third trimester, the mother can experience the DOOMS nightmares through the fetus, even if she herself does not have DOOMS.

Extinction factor[]

An "extinction factor" is a genetic trait which disadvantages an organism in its aim towards survival, in contrast to an "enhancer", which grants an organism an evolutionary advantage. When asked by Fragile if he has DOOMS, Sam answers that he has "the extinction factor", but that she has him "beat".

Known sufferers[]

  • Sam possesses a DOOMS level of two, enabling him to sense BTs, but he is unable to see them without connecting to a bridge baby. He also has aphenphosmphobia for much of his life, a fear of touch and an affliction causing him to have an allergic reaction upon being touched.
    • Lucy Strand experienced symptoms of DOOMS, particularly nightmares, as the bearer of Sam's child Lou/Louise.
  • Fragile's level is higher than two, allowing her to see BTs, but also granting her the ability to "jump" to other locations by moving through her own Beach.
  • Heartman
  • Mama and Lockne
  • Higgs' DOOMS level is at minimum seven, and grants him the ability to control BTs, along with all lower level DOOMS abilities.



  • Sam was the first sufferer of DOOMS.
  • Higher levels of DOOMS abilities have been observed in those born under the constellations such as Cancer, Pisces, Cetus, Delphinus, and Gigas. Coincidentally, species representing these constellations can be found during scenes for the Beach as these species are seen stranded literally and solidifying their strong connection to the Beach.


  • The condition is always stylized as "DOOMS", as if an acronym. No acronymic meaning of DOOMS has been revealed, however.