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Deadman is a main character in Death Stranding. He appears to be involved in the medical field for Bridges. He is an artificial human, created from a combination of cadavers and stem cells.


It is known that 70% of his body was harvested from cadavers, while the remaining 30% was grown from pluripotent stem cells. He was originally a coroner at some point.

Post Death Stranding[]

After the Death stranding, a final interview with Deadman reveals the truth about his origin. His story of being created from pluripotent stem cells was a fake (more of an exaggerated truth): he was born via in-vitro fertilization but in an artificial womb. However, he did acquire lacking organs from cadavers. He also reveals that during his time with Lou, he was able to visit a Beach, though not his own. Despite not having his own Beach, he is able to traverse the Beaches through connections from others, and has thus "put a great many worries of mine [Deadman] in perspective."


Deadman is affable and well-meaning. However, he is ashamed of his nature as an artificial human, calling himself "Frankenstein's monster". This has instilled a great deal of loneliness in him, and he reaches out to Sam as a result.



  • Deadman expresses his loneliness to Sam saying he has no wife, no children, and no friends, but only until he meets Sam things start to change. Deadman is "Frankenstein's monster, I have no soul, no beach. that's why I try to connect myself with you. I am a Deadman."
  • Deadman is categorized as a "Homo religiosus" by Heartman due to his "transcendental, sublime" relationship with death, saying that it is "his faith".


  • Deadman was first introduced in Death Stranding's TGA 2016 teaser trailer.
  • At TGS 2018, Ishizumi revealed that Deadman "is quite funny, and may be the character with the most lines in Death Stranding".[1]