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All of existence in the universe of Death Stranding came into being by way of an explosion (or series of explosions), which gave birth to time and space, the celestial bodies within the resulting expanse, and all of known life.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

Date Event
4.5 billion years ago Because of the unbalance between matter and anti-matter, the universe and life is born.
Different periods First, second, third, fourth, and fifth extinctions happen, causing the life to survive, adapt, overcome and evolve.
21st century Bridget Strand is diagnosed with uterine cancer. During one of her first surgeries part of her soul gets stranded on The Beach. She decides to keep it in secret telling everyone that this is her daughter.
21st century Amelie's abilities gets stronger as she sees more death and destruction of the future in her dreams.
21st century Bridget Strand becomes the president of the United States of America.
21st century The first voidout occurs because of the inevitability of the sixth extinction.
The government and the nation of the United States fall, Bridges makes an attempt to reconnect the fractured society and rebuild the nation as the United Cities of America.
Amelie leads an expedition to reach Edge Knot City to unite it with the chiral network but gets captured and held captive. Top figures in the government calls on Sam to continue Amelie's work and rescue her.
Igor and the rest of Corpse Disposal Team 6 die in a voidout. Sam takes his Bridge baby and re-joins Bridges.
Sam meets Fragile who explains him BTs and DOOMS and introduces Higgs.
Getting close to Amelie, Sam fights with Higgs and later beats him on the Beach.
Sam defeats Cliff Unger.
Upon getting close to the Capital Knot City Sam fights with huge BT and meets with his friends.
With help of Fragile Sam gets to the Amelie's beach and convinces her to delay the Last Extinction
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