EX grenades are non-lethal anti-BT weapons fabricated by Heartman and used by Sam. Made of Sam's condensed body fluids in a capsule, they explode on impact, believed to affect BTs.

Close-up of EX Grenades.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

A capsule containing Sam's bodily fluids, excrement, and other waste products. Heartman theorized that, since Sam's blood is effective against BTs, perhaps these substances might work in the same way, and began collecting them whenever Sam used the shower and toilet. Different bodily fluids are thought to have different effects on BTs, but the exact details remain unclear. Handling other people's bodily waste is not pleasant, still nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Making EX grenades[edit | edit source]

EX grenades are made when Sam uses the shower or toilet:

  • EX Grenade No. 0: Made from the material that is washed away when Sam takes a shower. More is produced based on accumulated sweat, dirt, mud, tar, blood, chiral dust, etc.
  • EX Grenade No. 1: Made from Sam's urine when he uses the toilet standing. More is produced based on how much fluid he has consumed. His current bladder volume can be checked before entering a private room by preparing to urinate outdoors.
  • EX Grenade No. 1+ Made from Sam's bloody urine when he uses the toilet standing. This only happens after his stamina cap has been reduced to 25% or less.
  • EX Grenade No. 2: Made from Sam's feces. More is produced by digesting food, such as cryptobiotes.

Effects of EX grenades[edit | edit source]

An EX grenade affects a regular BT in the following ways:

  • EX Grenade No. 0: Makes a BT flee for a very short time. It also marks the BT so player can see them without having to stand still.
  • EX Grenade No. 1: Makes a BT flee for a short time. Spraying a zone will make all the surrounding BTs temporarily leave the zone.
  • EX Grenade No. 1 plus: Makes a BT disappear and, unlike an EX Grenade No. 1, will permanently send the BT to the Beach.
  • EX Grenade No. 2: Makes nearby BTs move closer to the point of impact. This can be used to lure many BTs to one area before using a hematic grenade to do damage to all of them.

These grenades also stun BT bosses for a short time, just like hematic grenades. They also appear to wash off the tar from the BT, making it easier to damage with other attacks. (TODO: IIRC. Can't confirm at the moment.)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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