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Episode 1: Bridget is the first of the episodes in Death Stranding.


  • [Order No. 2] Morphine Delivery: Isolation Ward
    • Deliver morphine to the Bridges isolation ward.
  • [Order No. 3] [TOP SECRET] Cremation: President's Body
    • Deliver the president's corpse to the incinerator.
    • Return to the Capital Knot City Distribution Center.


Sam, who is now handcuffed to the bed, wakes up in a safe house and tries to free himself. The former-coroner-now-doctor Deadman appears and introduces himself, then with a twist of his wrist, loosens Sam's cuffs and freeing him. When Sam asks on the purpose of the handcuffs, Deadman replies that they are cutting-edge devices meant to keep everyone in Bridges connected. He then guides Sam into properly integrating himself with the cuffs. To Sam's shock, the holographic display shows that he had been unconscious for two whole days in the safe house. Deadman then confesses that during that period, fluid samples from Sam had been collected due to his special status as a repatriate. Sam then inquires about the status of the Corpse Disposal team, which Deadman regretfully replies that Central Knot City had been completely obliterated from the voidout, and that the only survivors were Sam and his Bridge Baby.


Related trophies[]

Icon Name Description Trophy
Rebuilding America.png Rebuilding America Complete Episode 1: Bridget. Bronze


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