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Episode 3: Fragile is the third of the episodes in Death Stranding.


  • Head for Lake Knot City
  • [Order No. 18] Aid Package Delivery: Lake Knot City
  • Deliver all three containers of aid to Lake Knot City.
  • Bring South Knot City onto the chiral network.
  • Take on a new Order for Sam at Lake Knot City.
  • [Order No.19] Evo-devo Unit Delivery: Engineer
  • Deliver the evo-devo unit.
  • [Order No.20] Prescription Medicine Delivery: Elder
  • Deliver the prescription medicine.
  • [Order No.21] Gun Parts and Anti-BT Weapon Delivery: Craftsman
  • Deliver the gun parts and anti-BT weapons.
  • [Order No.22] Recovery: Toolbox
  • Recover the toolbox.
  • Make your delivery to the Craftsman.



Related trophies[]

Icon Name Description Trophy
I Won't Break.png I Won't Break Complete Episode 3: Fragile. Bronze


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