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Episode 7: Clifford is the seventh of the episodes in Death Stranding.



Arrival Edit

After arriving to Deadman's cabin, a chiral supercell catch both Sam and Deadman on the Second Instance of Clifford Unger's Beach, a currently unidentified battle between the Germans and the Americans during the Second World War in a old town of Eastern Europe. Deadman arrives and wakens the first near a sewer network's entrance. He see a tank covered of dead fish, and several skeletal soldiers advancing in formation, in a city in ruins, tar appears near him, and he connects Lou. The Camera then explores the sewers while following a withered baby doll, to reveal Clifford himself and a group of American soldiers, which he orders to mobilize.


Related trophiesEdit

Icon Name Description Trophy
BB Quote Trophy "BB" Complete Episode 7: Clifford.


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