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Sam crossing a river with the Portable Ladder.

As a deliveryman, Sam carries and uses a number of equipment to aid him in traversing the world.

List of equipment Edit

Ladder Edit

A portable ladder that folds out to a length of 40m. It can be used to climb slopes and cross rivers.

Climbing anchor Edit

A pole that is driven into the ground to create an anchor point for a rope. It allows for the ascent and descent of steep slopes and cliffs. The maximum length of ropes attached to anchors is 30m.

Odradek Edit

A high-tech piece of equipment used by a number of individuals, including Sam. If users establish a trance connection, odradeks can be used to detect BTs.

Equipment HUDEdit

The Equipment HUD is a rapid-access menu inside Sam's cufflinks that allows him to select which tool or weapon he wants to use or drop. The HUD can display the amount of ammo or equipment available and also categorizes weapons by their type (different types of weapons have different colored icons).

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