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Amelie Strand, the sixth Extinction Entity

An Extinction Entity (abbreviated EE) is a living being whose purpose is to bring about mass extinctions, and is the bridge by which a Death Stranding occurs.

Throughout the history of life, five EEs (the Big Five) are believed to have lived and died, each the cause of a prior mass extinction event on Earth (e.g. the extinction of the dinosaurs) which resulted in significant changes to the world's biodiversity. From archaeological findings of chiralium connected to prior Strandings, the previous EEs may have been a woolly mammoth, a neanderthal, a dinosaur, and a trilobite. Each EE's corpse was discovered to not have suffered biological decay, and possessed an umbilical cord similar to BTs, even if the entity itself was not a mammal, like in the case of the other confirmed EE, an ammonite with an umbilical cord. It is unclear what level of sentience the previous EE's possessed, but they were at least capable of assessing their role in extinctions to the same degree as a human.

The sixth EE and cause of the current Death Stranding is Amelie.

How EEs are created is unclear, but they possess such a deep connection to the Beach that they can be considered inseparable from it. Through that connection, EEs bind the living to the world of the dead, and allow BTs to cross over, resulting in voidouts. In the case of Amelie becoming an EE, she experienced extinction-related dreams and premonitions since infancy that continued into her adulthood, finalizing with her soul and body separating and existing independently of one another. Her soul became stranded on the Beach as Amelie, while her body continued on in the living world as Bridget Strand. Extinction Entities may not need to act in any particular way to fulfill their function: Their existence itself may simply be a crystallization of the forces that underlie the Death Stranding, the point at which the living world and Other Side begin to spill into one another.

EEs cannot willingly go against their purpose to cause a mass extinction, but can seemingly bend the rules to delay or lessen the extinction event. Amelie reveals that the previous EEs had the power to end all life, but each chose to let life prevail in the end, due to their own attachment to the living world.

Ultimately it is theorized EEs are a natural part of the cycle of life and death in a universe dominated by entropy. Each entity's Death Stranding altered the world in such a way that, in the wake of death and destruction, new lifeforms emerged and were able to flourish.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The ammonite corresponds with the most recent extinction event of the Big Five, the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event (known as the KT event), making it the fifth EE, which also was the death of all non avian dinosaurs, but the dinosaur could also have been from the previous extinction event. The oldest was the Permian–Triassic, which would be the trilobyte. The mammoth and Neanderthal are unclear, since both of them would be from long after the Fifth extinction, with the last Neanderthal vanishing only 28,000 years ago. However it's possible the events in death stranding don't entirely correlate with our own.
  • The EE has to live thousand of years all alone on the beach waiting for the next extinction.

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