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Sam aiming a handgun at an enemy

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The Handgun, designated as the WellMax WM.45, is a lethal anti-personnel weapon available to Sam. Homo Demens are often seen making use of these pistols. First unlocked at South Knot City, upgraded variants can be unlocked.

In-Game Description Edit

Lv. 1

Model: WM.45 CARBINE

Standard Bridges-issue WM.45 Carbine. Its side mounting plate and folding stock provide a degree of augmentability and improved stability when firing, while the cocking handle on the side makes it easier to handle.

Lv. 2

An improved version of the standard Bridges-issue WM.45 Carbine. It has been fitted with an optical sight, and is now capable of firing hematic rounds coated with Sam's blood. These modifications allow for instant aiming, and make the weapon effective against BTs. Ammo capacity has also been increased, and a suppressor has been fitted, greatly reducing firing noise.

HG Custom

A specially customized version of the standard Bridges-issue WM.45 Carbine that has been modified to the maximum. Not only has ammo capacity been increased, it is now capable of firing both hematic rounds coated with Sam's blood and golden rounds coated with chiralium, making it even more effective against BTs. A suppressor and optical sight have also been fitted, greatly reducing firing noise, and allowing for instant aiming.

Notes Edit

  • One of the pistols is seen in use early on by Igor; using one to mercy kill a teammate caught by BTs, and then attempting suicide with it once caught by BTs himself.

Gallery Edit


Handgun Lv. 1


Handgun Lv. 2


Handgun HG Custom

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