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My body may be present, but my soul is on the beach. I'm already dead.
– Heartman to Sam
Heartman is a Bridges member who researches the Death Stranding.

Abilities Edit

Heartman's heart stops every 21 minutes, and after dying, for three minutes he searches for his family on the other side, before being resurrected by the automated external defibrillator (AED) on his chest.[2]

Notes Edit

  • Given his condition, Heartman dies approximately 60 times a day.
  • According to Heartman, he has been to the other side 218,550 times. When calculated, 218,550 "cycles" equal to about a decade (approximately 3642.5 days or 9.97 years).
  • Heartman has a collection of music, television shows, short films, and stories, all consumable within a 21 minute window.

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