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A hologram is a physical structure that uses light diffraction to make an image; the image can appear to be three-dimensional. Settlement occupants typically generate holograms of themselves at delivery terminals in order to safely interact with Porters or to contact those at distant locations. Odradeks also have the ability to generate holograms through modifications.

Structures[edit | edit source]

Upgrading Structures to level two will allow them to be customized, including the option to generate a hologram outside them. Holograms are unlocked by completing specific Orders for Preppers or by increasing the connection level with distribution centers and settlements.

Rare Holograms[edit | edit source]

Name Image Unlock Criteria
Amelie: Beckoning Amelie Beckoning Hologram.jpeg
Amelie: Yearning Amelie Yearning Hologram.jpeg
Fragile: Attentive Fragile Attentive Hologram.jpeg
Fragile: Bidding Goodbye Fragile Bidding Goodbye Hologram.jpeg
Die-Hardman: Encouraging Die-Hardman Encouraging Hologram.jpeg
Die-Hardman: Prideful Die-Hardman Prideful Hologram.jpeg
Deadman: Admiring Deadman Admiring Hologram.jpeg
Deadman: Concerned Deadman Concerned Hologram.jpeg
Mama: Loving Mama Loving Hologram.jpeg
Mama: Connected Mama Connected Hologram.jpeg
Lockne: Encouraging Lockne Encouraging Hologram.jpeg
Lockne: Connected Lockne Connected Hologram.jpeg
Heartman: Sending Likes! Heartman Sending Likes Hologram.jpeg
Heartman: Resuscitation Heartman Resuscitation Hologram.jpeg
Higgs: "Welcome" Higgs Welcome Hologram.jpeg
Higgs: "Big Five" Higgs Big Five Hologram.jpeg
Higgs: "Let's Go" Higgs Lets Go Hologram.jpeg
Delivery Bot Delivery Bot Hologram.jpeg
Wolf Wolf Hologram.jpeg
Raccoon Raccoon Hologram.jpeg
Goose Goose Hologram.jpeg
BT BT Hologram.jpeg
Watcher (Horizon Zero Dawn) Happy Watcher Happy Hologram.jpeg Craftsman Connection Level 3
Watcher (Horizon Zero Dawn): Vigilant Watcher Vigilant Hologram.jpeg Craftsman Connection Level 3
Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn) Aloy Hologram.jpeg Craftsman Connection Level 4
Tallneck (Horizon Zero Dawn) Tallneck Hologram.jpeg Craftsman Connection Level 5

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