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Homo Demens capture Amelie

A group of Homo Demens capture Amelie

They're extremists like the Demens everywhere. Plotting in the shadows. They're decentralized by nature. No one organization to rule them all. Just a common ideology.
The Homo Demens (Latin: "mad man") are a decentralized group of militant separatists. They seek to maintain the independence of Edge Knot City, which they run, and thus, are directly opposed to the United Cities of America. They are reputed for slaughtering the residents of towns and for engineering voidouts.

Story Edit

The suicide attack on Central Knot City is thought to be the work of the Demens.

When Amelie reaches Edge Knot City while on her expedition, the Homo Demens capture her and hold her in the city as an insurance policy against the UCA.

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