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There are extremists like the Demens everywhere. Plotting in the shadows. They're decentralized by nature. Not one organization to rule them all. Just a common ideology.

The Homo Demens (Latin: "mad man"), aka Terrorists, are a decentralized group of militant separatists. They seek to maintain the independence of Edge Knot City and thus are directly opposed to the United Cities of America. They are reputed for slaughtering the residents of towns and for engineering voidouts.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

As stated by Die-Hardman; The Homo Demens are a highly decentralized group of individuals whose predilection towards slaughter and dedication to violence make them a vilified and destructive opponent. There is no structural hierarchy present within the Homo Demens as there is no general need to have one. Ruthless at creating mayhem and laser-focused in repelling the UCA attempts to control Edge Knot City, group individuals display unwavering loyalty to Higgs. Despite finding the idea of being controlled reprehensible, he brandishes himself as the higher power and coordinator of all the events that are orchestrated by the Homo Demens.

Their obsession with maintaining separatism and independence borders on psychopathy, engineering voidouts as means of creating and perpetrating fear throughout the UCA Alliance between cities.

Story[edit | edit source]

A group of Homo Demens capture Amelie

The suicide attack on Central Knot City is thought to be the work of the Demens.

When Amelie reaches Edge Knot City while on her expedition, the Homo Demens capture her and hold her in the city as an insurance policy against the UCA.

In Game[edit | edit source]

Homo Demens are not encountered until around Episode 5 when Sam travels towards Mountain Knot City, they are found also leading towards the route of Edge Knot City, and around Episode 12 only when returning to Capital Knot City. Homo Demen terrorists can be found in some areas where MULEs would be found in both the Central Region and Eastern Region. The main distinction between the MULEs and Terrorists is that they will only ping Sam on their scanners while MULEs only ping cargo. It is best not to engage them whenever possible especially in groups as they use lethal weapons against Sam. As with MULEs, non-lethal weapons are preferable for engaging Terrorists as hand to hand combat is a more dangerous approach and also killing terrorists will cause void outs when corpses are left without being disposed of properly in the surrounding areas where the camps are located.

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