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A hot spring is a spring produced by the emergence of geothermically treated groundwater from the Earth's crust. Hot springs are in many places around the world, and come in many differing types. Sam can bathe in hot springs for various effects, which depend on the type of hot spring he is in.

Types Edit

  • Recharging spring – These springs produce an electrical charge that can be taken advantage of to recharge all battery-powered equipment and replenish Sam's stamina.
  • Unspecified spring – Shown near the end of the TGS 2019 tour of Sam's private room, after he leaves his safe house. These springs are good for Sam's stomach.

Notes Edit

  • Sam does not have to bathe to acquire the effects of a hot spring; he may simply stand in the spring.
  • Peeing is not allowed near hot springs.
  • When Sam is bathing in a hot spring in the company of others, the player is unable to zoom-in on other bathing characters.
  • When the communication button is pressed, Sam will sing. If someone else is bathing in the hot spring, they will sing along with him.
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