A ladder is a portable tool that, when utilized, allows people to more easily traverse the world by climbing steep slopes, crossing crevasses and rivers, and overcoming other obstacles.


A ladder is a small tool that weighs 5 kilograms. Ladders are collapsible and can be folded down into a compact form for transportation, easily capable of being stored inside a Bridges cargo case. Initially, a ladder can be up to 10 meters in length when fully extended, but can be upgraded which allows ladders to be extended even further.

Sam crossing a crevasse

Sam uses a portable ladder to cross a crevasse

Typically, ladders are used by people when traversing the world, specifically porters, such as Sam. It allows him to climb steep slopes and overcome other obstructions, and can act as a makeshift bridge when laid horizontally, allowing him to cross crevasses and rivers.

Once Sam places a ladder somewhere in the world, that ladder will then become available for other porters to use when making their own deliveries.

Players can slide down a ladder when holding the PS4 Squaresquare button.

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