Lisa Unger (nee Bridges) was the common-law wife of Cliff Unger and biological mother of Sam.

Story[edit | edit source]

Lisa met United States Special Forces captain Cliff Unger on one of her birthdays; the two eventually fell in love, entered a common-law marriage, and conceived a son. Following Cliff's return from service to be with his new family, the couple was involved in an accident that rendered Lisa brain dead and their unborn son's life at risk. Desperate to save his family, Cliff willingly brought them to Bridges for experimental procedures. Lisa was put on life support to prevent her from entering cardiac arrest and necrotizing.

Holding out hope of Lisa returning to him, Cliff routinely visited Lisa where she was kept in a Bridges facility. Eventually, her husband accepted that she would never recover from her brain death and turned his attention to their son – who had been placed in a stasis pod and intended by Bridges to serve as a sacrifice for the creation of a new communications network. Cliff learned of Bridges' plan for their son from an old comrade and friend, John Blake McClane, who helped Cliff attempt to escape with the infant. After John rigged the facility's system to spoof Lisa's vitals, a remorseful Cliff promised his wife he would protect their son and kissed her one last time before shooting her in the head.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • "Anomalisa" – the name Cliff affectionately referred to Lisa as – is used in the 2015 film Anomalisa. In the film, a character named Lisa Hesselman is called "Anomalisa" by her love interest, main character Michael Stone, after describing herself to him as an "anomaly". At the end of the film, Lisa writes in a letter to Michael that she has looked up "Anomalisa" in a Japanese-English dictionary to learn that it means "goddess of heaven".
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