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We want no part of your chiral network or the UCA
– Lockne to Sam about connecting to the network
Lockne is a gifted technician who serves as the overseer of Mountain Knot City. She is the twin sister of Mama and one of the creators of the chiral network.

Story Edit

Mama and Lockne were identical twin sisters born with DOOMS that granted them the ability to communicate with each other irrespective of their locations. Gifted with great intellect, they soon found themselves as accomplished technicians, each responsible for creating half of the Chiral Network. Mama created the hardware, and Lockne wrote its software. Their equal genius and close bond was so great that many believed they were the "same person in two bodies".

Though the sisters share a great many traits, their few differences tend to stand in complete opposition to one another. For one, Målingen has never wanted kids, while Lockne loved them, but was infertile. At some point, Lockne was in a relationship with someone from Bridges I. Unfortunately, it ended tragically in accident. His sudden departure left her greatly depressed. However, he did have sperm frozen possibly in preparation of the unforeseen. Sensing her sister's distress, Målingen offered to be the surrogate mother of her child. Strangely, around the child's due date, Målingen suddenly cut off all communications with her and disappeared. Lockne was furious as she thought that Målingen had ran off with her child.

Some time later, Sam, in an attempt to repair the Chiral Network, had to reconcile the two.

That's when she learned the circumstances behind Målingen's sudden disappearance. On her child's birthday, there was a terrorist attack on South Knot City, and she became trapped under the hospital ruins while waiting for her C-Section to begin. She eventually did give birth to a daughter beneath the rubbles, but she soon died by suffocation, and became a BT. Oddly though, she was still bound to Målingen by a beached umbilical cord. Målingen's vital signs has already ceased by the time rescuers reached her. However, she stayed "alive" because her BT daughter is bound to its birthplace and deathplace, and Målingen through the umbilical cord. Målingen decided that it was probably for the best to cut off communications with Lockne, as this news would surely bring about more suffering.

This revelation repaired the relationship between the two, but freeing the beached baby caused.

Mama dies in front of her sister, but moments after one of the Lockne's eyes turn blue, indicating that Målingen's soul entered her body and now two minds coexist in one body.

When the twins are finally together, they can repair the network in order to stop the last extinction.

Personality Edit

Lockne is a reticent person because all of her loss. The first time we encounter her in the game, she seems only worried about the facility of Mountain Knot and tell us that she doesn't want to join the UCA.

When the soul of Målingen enters her body, she experiences a change in her personality: being more relaxed and funny like Mama was. It's not really her own personality, but her sister that now coexists in the same body.

Physical Description Edit

Lockne is almost physically identical to her sister Målingen, only more slender due to her sister's development during pregnancy. Her hair is also a darker brown, cut at shoulder-length and her eyes are hazel (Mama's are blue).

She wears a distinctive Bridges-issued vest-like blue coat that sports a high collar, that can slightly obscure her lower face, shielding her nose & mouth if necessary. Beneath that is a skintight gray bodysuit upper and black leggings. Both underlying pieces cling tightly to her body.

Abilities Edit

Lockne like her sister born with DOOMS. Alongside Målingen, she designed the Chiral Network. She wrote all the software for it and the Q-Pid. She's also directly in charge at Mountain Knot City while also taking over as Support for Sam, after Mama's passing, redesigning and developing some of Sam's equipment & weaponry.

In the end, her knowledge of the network is vital to repair it and avoid the sixth extinction.

Notes Edit

  • Sam initially confuses Lockne for her twin sister Mama upon meeting her for the first time.
  • Apart from their clothing, the twins are distinguished by Lockne having hazel eyes and Mama having blue eyes. After her twin Målingen's apparent death, Mama's soul "returns" to Lockne's body, as they were born conjoined twins, becoming one, once again. Two souls in one body. Causing Lockne's eyes to develop Heterochromia, one eye becomes blue, while the other remains hazel.
  • Lockne and Mama are categorized as "Homo faber" (craftspeople) by Heartman.



Lockne says goodbye to Mama

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Lockne and Fragile

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