Lucy Strand was a therapist who was Sam's wife.

She committed suicide due to having nightmares caused by pregnancy-induced DOOMS. The incident resulted in a voidout that destroyed her home city and Sam's resignation from Bridges.

Story[edit | edit source]

Lucy was born sometime before the Death Stranding. At some point, Lucy was a therapist and eventually met Sam through his therapy, attempting to help him overcome his aphenphosmphobia and abandonment issues. He tried to convey his DOOMS and repatriation attributes, associating them with the Beach, but Lucy couldn't comprehend the information and insisted that Sam's claims were false. However, after Sam committed suicide in her office during one of their sessions and repatriated soon after, the two fell in love and subsequently got married some time after. This caused Lucy to resign as a therapist. They lived together in an urban residential area of the satellite town of UCA-01-0C.

Sometime through their marriage, Lucy became pregnant with Sam's daughter, planning to name her Louise (although Sam nicknamed her Lou). However, around her seventh month of pregnancy, Lucy began suffering DOOMS nightmares, a result of Sam's condition being passed down to Lou. Bridget, Sam's adoptive mother, tells Lucy that the beach is real and takes her there, confirming her nightmares are real. It was then that she pieced together the truth of Sam's birth, the nature of 'Bridget and Amelie', and the trigger of the Death Stranding.

Soon after, Lucy committed suicide, unable to cope with the revelation. As Sam was out making deliveries for Bridges at the time, her body was undiscovered and became a BT.

Post-Mortem[edit | edit source]

When Sam was unable to contact Lucy, he returned home to check on her. Immediately after Sam's arrival in UCA-01-0C, but before he could get to his home, a voidout occurred that obliterated the town. The only survivor of the voidout was Sam, due to his status as a repatriate.

The incident caused Sam to resign from Bridges, due to guilt and grief. The grief at losing his wife and unborn daughter caused Sam to relapse into his aphenphosmphobia, leading him to change his identity and cut contact with Bridget and Amelie.

A decade after her death, Sam continues to carry a photo of Lucy with him.

Notes[edit | edit source]

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