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The MULEs, also called Homo Gestalts due to their irrational obsession with their profession, are a faction of cargo thieves that ambush Sam while he is on deliveries or infiltrating their camps. They suffer from a condition known as porter syndrome and seek primarily to steal the cargo of others. They do not kill, however.

At certain point they were all porters, who got out of the system due the harsh life of the porter or the madness generated by long exposure to chiralium in the environment.

MULEs are fearful of BTs, and following the onset of timefall in their vicinity, they will entirely cease chasing Sam and retreat.

They are equipped with electrified pole weapons, which they use as both melee weapons and ranged throwing weapons, and a sticky gun, which they use to catch others' cargo. Additionally, MULEs carry cargo of their own (some of which have "CERAMIC" or "RESIN" emblazoned on them), and use a three flap odradek variant. They also have vehicles to patrol, chasing and cargo.

In the various MULE camps it can be found a lot of material like ceramics, metals, special alloys, resins and chemicals. Each camp have one kind of material in particular, but you can find some small amounts of different construction materials. Also they have lost cargo stolen from other players and porters, like weapons, delivers, structures and porter equipment. If you take this cargo you can return it, deliver it to destination or keep for yourself.

Through the game Sam must infiltrate MULE camps in order to recover stolen objects from the preppers, in an attempt to convince them to affiliate to the UCA. Besides, the infiltration is essential and the fastest way to obtain construction materials. Especially to construct the highways.

Personality[edit | edit source]

The MULE nature is highly aggressive. They do not kill, but will not hesitate to attack porters until knocking them out to steal their cargo. MULEs will not attack Sam if he has no cargo or equipment, but but if he gets too close to the camp they will attack him no matter what.

Like an organization they seem very united and organized. The camps look peaceful when there's no intruder. It's probable that the MULEs have a feeling of brotherhood among them, at least within the same group. The nature of interaction between different camps its unknown.

Physical Description[edit | edit source]

MULEs locations, colors and type of material they have in their camps.

The MULEs use porter uniforms that are very similar between camps. Each one has a unique color and different details.

They use a lot of different equipment such as ski masks, tactical masks, helmets, hoods, bags, armor plates, communication devices, combat vests, etc. They can carry cargo on their suits like other porters. Also, the MULEs have an exclusive footwear, the MULE boots.

There are two unique variations in appearance, one in the Eastern Region nearby of Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City where one of the MULEs uses a cap and the other variation in the camp of the central region nearby of Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City that uses a gas mask.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • MULEs first appeared in the Death Stranding release date trailer.
  • In-game, their names are always typified as 'MULE' or the plural 'MULEs' - the meaning of the acronym is currently unknown.
  • If Sam enters a MULE-occupied area while not carrying cargo, he naturally will not be detected by the MULEs' sensors, as their sensors only ping off cargo.
  • There's no MULE camp with chemicals. You can find small quantity of these in various camps, but the only camp that has it in large amounts is a terrorist camp.
  • The trucks used by MULEs are the slowest vehicle in the game compare to the other vehicles that you can create. So in certain way the MULE truck is the worst vehicle available.
  • Possible connection to the 1982 Atari classic M.U.L.E., which encouraged the aggressive gathering/buying/selling of resources in an effort to edge out competing prospectors, so much so that being the sole controller of a given resource was considered ideal. This cargo was transported from plots of land to market by way of a "Multiple Use Labor Element", hence the name.

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