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She's my daughter... And I'm her Mama
– Mama to Sam about her BT baby

Mama, real name Målingen, is a member of Bridges and the twin sister of Lockne. She is one of the greatest scientists in the UCA, inventing a plethora of gadgets and tools for porters to use, and additionally is the co-creators, with her twin sister, of the Chiral Network.



Mama and Lockne were genius twin sisters born with DOOMS, which gave them the ability to communicate with each other across the world. Daughters of parents who worked for NASA prior to the Death Stranding, they grew up feeling like the world was a bigger and larger place before. At some point Mama and Lockne decide to enter Bridges, driven by the organization's ideology to bring the people of the nation together once again and then the world. Together, they each made half of the Chiral Network: Mama, the hardware, and Lockne, the software. Their equal genius and close bond was so great that many believed them to be the "same person in two bodies".


At one point Mama and Lockne were chosen by Amelie to participate in the first expedition to the west, an expedition with the aim of reuniting the survivors and convincing them to join the Chiral Network and the UCA. Mama's ovaries were unable to produce eggs and Lockne's uterus was incapable of carrying a child to term. While both were initially accepting of these circumstances, Lockne eventually fell in love with a fellow Bridges member and wanted to develop a relationship with him. However, he died in an accident, leaving Lockne depressed and suicidal. Mama could feel this, and wanting to help her, proposed to Lockne that they should "have a baby." Using the deceased's sperm, Lockne's eggs, and Mama's uterus, the two sisters were able to create Lockne a child that would be carried to term by Mama.

However, during a terrorist attack, Mama was crushed under the rubble of a hospital while waiting to get a cesarean section. She inadvertently survived by "giving birth on the other side", resulting in the baby manifesting as a harmless beached thing. Stuck for days drinking timefall, Mama was eventually rescued by Bridges, but could not leave the hospital, as she and Lockne's daughter were tethered to the accident site. In addition to this, Mama was no longer properly living, and hid this by leaving one of her cuff links off of her wrist, effectively hiding her vitals. Furthermore, Mama's bond to Lockne was severed, and in both fear and shame for what happened, Mama cut herself off from all communications with her, emphasising the rift between the twins.

Sam's expedition

At some point Mama is the one who receive the cargo delivered by Sam at the facility near Central Knot City before its destruction due to a voidout.

During his expedition and after his first encounter with the Combat Veteran on the war-torn Beach, Sam has orders to reach Mama's laboratory, here he has a reaction to the presence of her baby-BT but Mama reassures him as she is not a threat to the porter and here, an incredulous Sam, sees Mama lactacing the BT before falling asleep and "fading", realizing why Mama cannot leave the lab. Analyzing the events of the supercell, Mama theorizes that Sam was trapped between two worlds when a chiral spike disrupts the laboratory. As the new connections overload the network, Mama had installed a regulator in the Q-pid which, however, was defective in Sam's. Fearing something serious Mama builds a new Q-pid to insert a new regulator, but to do so Sam will have to join her sister Lokne at Mountain Knot City. After a new chiral peak, Mama tells Sam what happened to her on the day of delivery, and takes some blood from him so she can use it as a weapon, as Sam is a resurfaced. At his icy touch, Sam senses something, but Mama asks him to leave.

When Lockne refuses to join Mountain Knot City to the network and the chiral peaks worsen due to the faulty Q-pid, Mama agreed to reunite with her sister to repair the Chiral Network and stop the chiral peaks, but for that she must cut the connection with the BT daughter in order to leave her place. That's why she fabricates a cuff link with a mix of Sam's blood-chiral crystals blade for Sam and orders him to cut the umbilical cord with her child. When Sam does this, he sends the baby to the Beach, but also left Mama at the border of dead, because cutting the cord freed her but also terminated the link that kept her in the living's world. For that reason they rapidly went to Mountain Knot City, but Higgs is waiting outside of the lab with a giant Feline-type BT. Heeding Mama's advice to run, they successfully evade the BT, and begin their journey to Mountain Knot City.

Eventually they reached Mountain Knot City with Mama almost dead, but just in time to have her last moments with her sister and explain why she cut the communication, Lockne forgives her and then Mama dies. When this happens, Lockne's right eye turns blue, indicating that the soul of Målingen entered her body, resulting in "two minds in one person".

Averting the Last Stranding

Seeing that Mama's body showed no signs of necrosis despite death, Heartman asks Sam to take him to his laboratory. When Sam connects his colleagues to the network, Heartman confides to Sam that Mama's dead cells were full of chiralium, and that her daughter, although a BT, was her soul, so the body does not decompose, a condition similar to Bridget, a supposed Extinction Entity.

During the month that Sam was missing on his Beach, Mama's soul, along with Heartman, scours all the Beaches in hopes of finding his friend. When, thanks to Die-Hardman's gun, they locate Sam, Mama confirms his presence and brings him back to the land of the living.

With the Last Stranding stopped and the UCAs finally formed, Mama and Lockne, both realized that after their baby became a BT, they became depressed (similar to post-partum depression) and turned inwards to a life of isolation, feel it is time to fulfill their original dream of going to space and pledge to do so.


Mama is one of the brightest minds in the UCA, a genius. This lets her have no concern in basic normal life like children and relationships. She really doesn't want any kids, she only gets pregnant to help Lockne to conceive. Also she's one of the most humorous characters in the game, making sarcastic comments and bad jokes. The condition of her BT baby also makes her melancholic, and the loneliness derived of the situation increases that aspect.

Physical description

Mama is a slim young woman with blue eyes, brown hair and white skin. She wears a BRIDGES scientist uniform of one piece that covers the lower part of her body. She also wears boots. Curiously, her right pant leg is folded.

In the top part of her outfit, she has rolled up a uniform top and tied it to her waist, revealing a white tank top underneath. She also wears glasses and orange earrings. Her odradek scan is always with her and is tied to her chest with straps.

This interesting outfit of hers combines work and casual, indicating her status of living in the same place where she has to work because of the BT baby.


Mama suffers from DOOMS. She can perceive the BTs and see clearly to the other side. In fact, she was the one who saved Sam when he was stuck on the beach after he stopped Amelie.

Besides her DOOMS affliction, she is a genius scientist. Mama was one of the creators of the Chiral Network along with Lockne. Mama also invented the majority of the porters' equipment by herself.

Throughout the game she provides and upgrades most of Sam's weapons, suit parts, gadgets, vehicles and structures. Besides all this, she has a deep knowledge of the Death Stranding, Extinction, BTs and other phenomena that occur in the DST universe, making her an eminence in the matter.

Considering the aforementioned number of her inventions and her knowledge, it is possible that she was the single greatest mind in the UCA.



  • Målingen and Lockne are the names of two impact craters in Sweden, thought to have formed simultaneously.
  • Mama lactates, despite her beached daughter being unable to drink the produced milk.
  • Mama's body doesn't necrotize after she passes away.
  • Mama and Lockne are categorized as "Homo faber" (craftspeople) by Heartman.
  • If you call another porter when you are carrying her to Mountain Knot she'll tell you to shut up before you alert the BTs. Also she will ask you who are you talking to or telling you that she's right next to you, because she will think that you are talking to her.
  • You can enter with her in a hot spring in the way to Mountain Knot. She will humming the "several bond" theme from the soundtrack while she's in the water. Later when you're leaving she will thank you for the bath.
  • Mama gives you likes if you whistle or play the harmonica when you rest during her transport.
  • If you soothe BB while you're transporting Mama, she will also talk to comfort him.
  • You can upgrade Mama's ziplines outside of her lab and receives additional likes from her (Even if she's dead when you do the upgrades) Also, like other structures constructed by main characters in the game, it can't be destroyed by the timefall
  • You will receive 10 likes from Heartman if you inspect Mama's dead body in Heartman's lab.
  • After Mama's death you can go to her lab, but there's no orders available, just the shared and private locker. There are also no available deliveries of other preppers or facilities for the lab, making this one of the few abandoned bunkers in the game.
  • She uses a star shaped windmill to soothe her BT baby. This windmill is very similar to the windmill accessory used to comfort the BBs.


  • In 2019 Margaret Qualley starred the movie IO interpreting Sam Walden, a scientist in a desolated and abandoned futuristic earth searching for the salvation of the planet. The similarities with her character in Death Stranding who also is a scientist trying to save the world are remarkable. As well that the earth in the movie is deserted and destroyed like in DST.