Materials are used by Sam to craft tools or equipments and to build structures.

They can be collected as long lost cargos and recycled for later use by Sam in Prepper Shelters or in Bridges' installations.

Player can also claim materials in the aformentionned buildings and select the desired amount. The quantity of claimed materials will influences the size and the weight of the package, e.g. 600 units of Chemicals will weights 60 kg and fits into an extra-large (XL) package.

When the materials in the facilities are exhausted, they will recover on their own although slowly. To avoid running out you can always recycle tools, gadgets and materials that you find.

Two variants exists: "Lightweight" and "High-Density" materials which will respectively weight less or fit into a smaller package. Those variants become available as regular "tokens of gratitude" from Preppers and Bridges employees, for subsequent standard deliveries once Sam gets a 5-star rating from them.

The available materials are the following:

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