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Mules are an enemy type which ambushes Sam while he is on deliveries or encounting in their camps.

They have a condition referred to as Delivery Syndrome and will steal baggages and items, thank to their sensors, from Sam and others nearby, and store them at their camp. They however don't kill people.

Mules are fearful of BTs, and following the onset of timefall in their vicinity, they will entirely cease chasing Sam and retreat.

They are equiped with a electrified pole weapons, which they use as both melee weapons and ranged throwing weapons, and a Sticky Gun, to catch other's baggage like birdlimes. Additionally, Mules carry cargo of their own (some of which have "CERAMIC" or "RESIN" emblazoned on them), and use a three flap variant of shoulder-mounted mechanical arms.

Notes Edit

  • The Mules (ミュール) first appeared in the Release Date 2019 trailer and identified as such in the Japanese version of the same.
  • If a player enter their camp without a baggage, Mule's sensor can't notice him.


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