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Necrosis is a progressive stage of death completed in the 48 hours following cardiac arrest, after which a deceased subject becomes a fresh beached thing. To prevent necrosis, Bridges Corpse Disposal is dispatched immediately following a person's death to transport their corpse to the nearest incinerator for proper cremation.

Individuals nearing death are quarantined, so they may be monitored in case they go into cardiac arrest. Brain death does not trigger necrosis; stillmothers are evidence of such, failing to enter necrosis despite being brain dead for far longer than 48 hours. Only cardiac arrest of non-repatriates triggers necrosis.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The 48 hour window of time in which a corpse gradually reaches complete necrosis is informally described as "going necro".
  • With his level 2 DOOMS, Sam is able to discern how far along a corpse is in necrosis.
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