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Sam's odradek repelling gunfire

Sam's odradek repelling gunfire from Higgs

An odradek is a shoulder-mounted mechanical sensor used by individuals venturing into the dangerous lands transformed by the Death Stranding. After establishing a trance connection, users are able to use odradeks to detect BTs. Odradeks can function without a trance connection, however.

In one of their several states, odradeks are capable of repelling gunfire. In another, wherein they assume a rigid shape, they point out where a large enemy is or will soon manifest.

Odradeks are used by enemies of Bridges as well, such as Higgs and the Mules. Thus far, all known enemies with odradeks use a three-flap variant, as opposed to the four-flap variant used by most Bridges operatives. Mama, of Bridges, uses a thus far uniquely-arranged three-flap variant.

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