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Peter Englert is a prepper living west of Lake Knot City who asks Sam to deliver pizzas to him a total of 5 times.

Peter Englert always asks for pizzas for the sake of other people, like his sister, a visiting couple, his wife, and his father. He always has certain specifications for the pizzas such as specific ingredients to justify why the pizzas are only obtainable from a specific location.

He presents himself to Sam as his greatest fan, calling him "The Man who Delivers Pizza". His emails are often loquacious and he often apologizes to Sam for "being impudent", due to asking him to pause his journey to the West just to deliver pizzas. After every delivery, he sends another email thanking Sam and apologizing for not being there to greet him, always with a different excuse.

After you beat Higgs, it's revealed that he was Peter Englert the whole time. So the next time you go to the bunker you can enter and see some interesting things, like photos of Sam, indicating the level of surveillance Higgs has on him, and the walls written with insults to Sam and some thoughts and delusions, denotative of the poor mental state of Higgs.

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  • The name "Peter Englert" is a combination of the names of theoretical physicists Peter Higgs and François Englert, who together won the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of the Higgs mechanism.
  • Inside the bunker, you can see some unique objects like a replica (or maybe original) of an Egyptian funerary mask of Tutankhamun and various books.
  • This Bunker once open has an unique hologram of welcome that is the Egyptian funerary mask. It can't be unlocked for the player to use. Curiously, this is the only hologram you can't unlock it in all the game and also the only one without movement.
  • In the bunker you can find some skulls of primitive men and homo sapiens. Heartman has the same skulls in his lab. Due to the fact that they look to be identical it's possible they were all replicas.

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A look to the inside of the Bunker

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