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Porters are freelance delivery personnel commissioned to transport cargo to and from clients across the continental UCA.

In-universe[edit | edit source]

Porters have a chance to succumb to porter syndrome, a degenerative condition that causes porters to become solely dependent on the "high" of delivering cargo, to the point of attempting to forcibly steal and deliver the cargo of other deliverymen.

Sam is among the most highly revered porters, so good at his job that he has earned monikers such as "The Great Deliverer", "The Legend" or "The Man who Delivers". MULEs are groups of hostile porters who have developed porter syndrome. The Veteran Porter is another porter who can be found near the edge of the southern mountains in the Central Region.

In-Game[edit | edit source]

Freelance Porters can be encountered roaming the game world, navigating terrain and delivering cargo in the same manner as the player. Porters tend to offer Sam a piece of their cargo, and Sam can interact with these Porters by donating or trading cargo with them, or by giving Likes and calling out to them with the controller's touchpad. Porters can also make use of structures such as ladders, climbing anchors and generators, and will give Likes when using structures. Porters generally avoid territories occupied by MULEs and Demens, but they will be able to safely travel through hostile camps if Sam can clear the enemies out of the area. If BT's are close by the porter will cower in fear and stand still. If caught by a BT no tar pit nor catcher will form, instead the porter will scream and swing at the air before a voidout occurs.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • You can receive tools and gadgets from the porters. You just have to grab the object that they offering. Also you can give them something if you like. To do this you have to drop the cargo on the floor near of the porter and he will keep it.
  • If you give a porter another player's cargo he will refuse to take it.
  • You can attack and rob the porters. But this will cost you likes, even if you hurt them by accident.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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