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Repatriation is the ability to return to life after death. When someone dies, their soul is sent to a place known as the Seam.

Someone who is known as a "repatriate" has the ability to guide their soul in the Seam by following being "stranded", ultimately bringing themselves back to life if they find their body.

The only known repatriate is Sam, and it is possible that he is in fact the only repatriate. Sam often regurgitates cryptobiotes and tar upon repatriation, and experiences hallucinations and discomfort.

Repatriates' bodily fluids can be used as anti-BT weapons with feces, urine and sweat stunning BTs, while blood has the ability to sever BTs connection to the physical world. Sam's Blood is also used to create the cord cutter, a chiralium blade that can sever the umbilical of BTs, sending them to the other side.

Later, it is revealed that Sam's repatriate status was a result of Amelie bringing a neonatal Sam back to life after he was shot to death. This violation of the normal order of life and death made his Ha reject The Beach, resulting in his bodily fluids, thus his Ka, reject beings from The Beach.

List of Known Repatriates

  • Sam
  • Higgs Monaghan (possible) - Higgs heavily implies this when he says that if either of them die on the beach, they won't be able to go back. It is unknown if Higgs is a normal repatriate, or if he has been given the ability by Amelie.
  • BB-28 (possible) - Since BB-28 was also restored by Amelie like Sam, She may also have the ability of repatriates.