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Repatriation is the ability to return to life after death. When someone dies, their soul is sent to a place known as the Seam.

Someone who is known as a "repatriate" has the ability to guide their soul in the Seam by following a "strand", ultimately bringing their body back to life if succeeded. Upon success the repatriate will see a vision of a baby down a tube revealed to be their throat (most likely a hallucination) they will then be suspended in the air for a second before falling down where they will then proceed to regurgitate cryptobiotes and tar. Not everyone is a repatriate, however, Sam is one of them.

Repatriates' bodily fluids can be used as anti-BT weapons with feces, urine and sweat stunning BTs forcing them to move while blood has the ability to send BTs back to the other side. Repatriate blood is weaponized in many forms such as grenades, blood-covered ammunition or a cuff-link with a blade that uses repatriate blood to cut a BT's cord.

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