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Report: Concerning the Voidout in the Satellite Town of UCA-01-0C is an interview in Death Stranding.


UCA-01-032 has been wiped off the map by a voidout, leaving nothing but an enormous crater. Terrorism was suspected at first, but the investigation spearheaded by Bridges quickly ruled out the possibility, and eventually concluded that the cause was the corpse of a civilian which had been left to necrotize, unnoticed, in an urban residential area.

The deceased was Lucy Strand. Tragically, she was also seven months pregnant—the child had already been named “Lou". Cause of death was ruled a drug overdose, possibly intentional, though that remains unconfirmed at this time. Surveillance data was sent to Bridges HQ for analysis, but the results were inconclusive.

Lucy's husband, Sam Strand, had been away for some time, and became concerned when he was unable to contact his wife. Though he attempted to return home, the voidout was triggered immediately after his arrival. Being a repatriate, Sam was the sole survivor of the blast. As the deceased was the wife of a prominent member of Bridges, who himself is the son of President Strand, public support for the organization suffered. Many criticized the crisis management team's handling of the situation, as well as the priorities of the organization and President Strand herself.

Some believed that Sam Strand was involved with his wife's death, and that he should held to account. While both the administration and Bridges adamantly defended him for a time, public pressure continued to mount. In a gesture his coworkers suspect was his way of taking responsibility, Sam Strand resigned from Bridges. His current whereabouts are unknown.

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