I've just concluded my first therapy with Sam Strand. It was not held at the patient's request. Sam's adoptive mother, President Strand, approached me in the hope I might help her son overcome his aphenphosmphombia.

Sam is...an intriguing case. His reluctance notwithstanding, he recognizes that his condition has and will continue to cause him much distress. I suspect it is rooted in a childhood trauma, but unfortunately, we have only just scratched the surface, and I cannot even begin to speculate what it might be.

Like many of the Bridges core team members, Sam is a DOOMS sufferer. Unlike them, however he is also a repatriate. Whether or not this is related to his aphenphosmphobia, I cannot say at this time, but he would hardly be the first to manifest phobias as a result of his abilities. 

As an infant, Sam lost both parents and was adopted by President Strand. Owing to her stress and time-consuming responsibilities, I can only presume that she was unable to afford him sufficient attention, which is to say that a distant relationship with his adoptive mother may be a contributing factor. As preciously mentioned, though, Sam is very reluctant to talk about himself. He is an intensely private individual, and it will take time to build trust and convince him to open himself up to me. 

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