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Report #8 is an interview in Death Stranding.

Text[edit | edit source]

A few days after the incident in my office, I tendered my resignation. A classic case of countertransference—the therapist getting emotionally involved with their client—and there was no way my professional pride would permit me to continue working. I felt guilty, of course. There's a permanent shortage of therapists, and many of my clients will struggle to find help elsewhere. But after what happened with Sam, I didn't see any other option.

To be honest, I've already come to terms with it. What I'm doing for Sam more than makes up for it. I'd never normally use this word, but I really do believe his aohenphosmphobia has been cured. He's shown so much progress that, absent an extremely traumatic experience, I doubt his symptoms will ever return.

To my surprise, the president didn't have any problems with our relationship. If anything, she was pleased. I suppose this means I'll soon be joining the Strand family, together with this new life growing inside of me...

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