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Sam riding a reverse trike

A reverse trike is a vehicle Sam can use. It can travel at high speeds across flat and rugged terrain. Should Sam find himself in a dangerous situation, a reverse trike serves him well in making a quick getaway.

At low speeds the bike performs as a trike, where the two front wheels are separated. For high-speed movement, on PlayStation, press L3. This combines the two front wheels and increases top speed tremendously. (Please note this drains the battery far quicker.)

The reverse trike comes in many variants. Early on in the game players will be able to fabricate the standard variant. Shortly after there is a long-range variant. This forgoes the extra storage and in its place has 2x extra batteries for distance.

The reverse trike can accommodate a variety of cargo, but the ultimate volume is 2x3 (2 units along the chassis, 3 units deep, on each side.) When carrying heavy weights the battery will diminish quicker, especially in water and on inclines.

When damaged during travel or deteriorated by the Timefall, the reverse trike can be stored in a garage for repairs. 

The trike is called Triskelion MC 600v in Concept Art 

Types of Reverse Trikes and Manufacturing Cost[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • A reverse trike serving as a collaboration between Kojima Productions and the Ride with Norman Reedus travel series can be found and ridden in Death Stranding.[1]
  • Cargo configurations can be as follows
    • 1x XL each side
    • 1x Large + 2x Small each side
    • 1x Large + 1x Medium each side
    • 3x Medium each side
    • 2x Medium + 2x Small each side
    • 1x Medium + 4x Small each side
    • 6x Small each side
    • Or combinations thereof
  • Players can craft a Reverse Trike and if left in the players Garage, will allow others players visiting that location to use said players Reverse Trike. This will earn the player additional likes.
  • To unlock, complete Order 23.

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