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The "Social Strand System" encompasses Death Stranding's conceptual focus on "connection", and asynchronous multiplayer features. As a consequence of this system's deep integration within the game's mechanics and philosophy, Hideo Kojima has referred to Death Stranding as being of a new genre he has coined "strand" (in addition to being of the action genre).[1]

Throughout their individual journeys, players may connect with one another in various ways across the Social Strand System. Likes can be given to players who leave behind helpful equipment and signs, or create useful constructs such as lockers, safe houses, and bridges. When in a desperate situation while in battle, players may call upon others for help in their struggle. Kojima has emphasized that players are never alone while on their journey.

Notes Edit

  • On February 13, 2018, Kojima Productions registered trademarks for "Social Strand System" and "Strand Game".[2]
  • Kojima has stated that "Social Strand System" is his name for the perceived genre-defying aspects of Death Stranding, similar to his use of "Tactical Espionage Action" before the then-genre-defying aspects of Metal Gear came to be commonly categorized as the "stealth genre".[3]

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